Epic Rights with CPLG: is European music licensing business changing?

epic rights

“In the end, the objective is very simple: Epic’s singular focus is to maximize earnings for its artists, celebrities and corporate brands by executing a cohesive licensing, marketing and distribution program. All of this is accomplished by a thorough understanding of the artists and global marketplace, while harnessing the power and reach of social media.”

this is the Dell Furano’s vision, Epic Rights’ CEO, who just partnered in Europe with CPLG. Furano is no newcomer: he dropped out from Live Nation after creating the first real US musical licensing and management business since the 80s. Now that his rich and deep rock artists’ roster will be managed in Europe by CPLG, one of the biggest independent entertainment licensing agency in Europe, the business could change. Competition will be harder with the big boys Bravado/Universal and Live Nation, and if the full management model will prove right and possible, it could open new opportunities. Both Universal and Live Nation in fact specializes in the music business, licensing included, but when it comes to licensing, the process remains often too complex and inefficient to appeal European medium sized licensees. Will CPLG be able to treat Kiss or Def Leppard just like Pink Panther or the Minions? Time (and management) will tell, but it could really be a new chapter in the European music licensing business.