Essent’ial: Ecodesign Made in Italy


Essent’ial, brand born in 2006, produces fashion home and leisure accessories,  springing from the creativity of its originator Albano Ghizzoni. And realized using natural materials such as recycled and FSC certified paper and cardboard, and washable cellulose fibre.

The company has launched a number of products developed in association with other companies, such as the bags and sacks featuring the graphics of the famous Finnish firm Marimekko. It has created a line of furniture “Forest Mud” ((Ecopoltrona, Ecopuffo, Ecopanca) in collaboration with the Italian jeans brand Care label. Last year it has worked in partnership with Matteo Ragni on his “100% TobeUs” exhibition.
During last September edition of WHITE Milano (click here to see the whole reportage) we had the chance to appreciate its very latest work with the architect-designer Paola Navone, a genuine design icon, and K-lab, a diversely creative laboratory that is an innovative, different, special project, reflecting Essent’ial’s intrinsic responsiveness to the Earth and Design.