Shakira is partnering with Fisher-Price to launch a line of baby toys


Shakira co-developed with Fisher-Price six products, including a bouncer that plays music, alphabet blocks and a musical soccer ball, as well as a Web series for moms. The Grammy-winning singer is the first celebrity Fisher-Price has partnered with.

She noticed how important toys are in helping babies to reach important developmental milestone, watching her own son Milan playing. So she decided to contact the number one toy manufacturer in the world about collaborating, because she wanted to design a line of toys that could simulate the development in the crucial early stages of babies’ life. On the other side, Fisher-Price has been attracted by the global star for her Barefoot Foundation, one of Shakira’s main initiatives for early childhood development. And also because she is also a mom and one of the most popular celebrities on social media.
Geoff Walker, executive vice president of the Fisher-Price Global Brands Team, said that as a result of the collaboration, Fisher-Price would be open to more celebrity partnerships.

The First Steps collection of toys and baby gear would be available from November and pre-order will be opened on Amazon from today. All of the proceeds will benefit Shakira’s Barefoot Foundation, which provides education and nutrition to children in impoverished areas of her native Colombia.